Booklet Printing To Serve Your Purpose In Business World 


Why Print Your Vision and Mission With Booklets?

In earlier days, when we used to enter a shop to purchase something, we were given a booklet to browse through. The booklet used to contain all the information regarding the product. One can choose the product with just a few flips. No need to search or look for competitive pricing like the online platforms offers today. Selecting a product had a different story. But with the emergence of the digital mode, the narration has entirely changed. A new dimension has araised for the business, and papers have slowly started fading. Still, in many instances, people prefer paper over a digital medium. 

If you’re looking for a way to expand on your vision and mission statements, booklets are a great option. Not only do they help you convey your message, but they also allow you to add details about your company and its products or services. To help ensure that your booklet goes beyond just words on paper, we’ll review different types of booklet binding along with some tips for using them in marketing campaigns and sales presentations.

Appearance Matters!!

Believe it or not, appearance does hold value. The design, paper size, paper quality, and finish every piece of detailing contributes to the finish of your product. The end product should convey your thoughts and turn out the way you had planned.

Journey Before Printing A Booklet  – 

What Are The Different Types Of Booklets Available In The Market?

The first is whether or not you want your booklet folded in half or folded in thirds. We also have a wide range of binding types, including perfect binding, saddle stitching, wire-o binding, and more!

Take a look at our different kinds of booklets below:

Staple binding booklets in College Station, Texas

Staple Binding/Saddle Stitching – 

This type of binding is the least expensive, but it’s also the least durable and most prone to falling apart. It can be used for basic documents that don’t need to last long. The stitch runs through the front end points and back endpoints to give a clean look to the binding. The saddle stitch binding provides stability to the papers, especially if you have less number of papers. 

 Perfect bound booklets

Perfect Bound – 

The most common type of booklets seen around, and uses strong adhesive which is applied between their pages. So they hold together more tightly than stapled versions do. This type of booklet allows you to add more pages and gives a professional look to your bool.

Wire-o-bound booklet printing in Texas

Wire – O-bound – 

In this method, the sheets are gathered together, and then with a punching machine, the holes are made. Later, with a metal wire, the binding is done. The 360-degree page flipping is an added advantage with this type of binding. Spiral binding is performed in a similar way to that wire-o- binding. But the looping pattern is different, which makes the spiral binding more durable than wire-o-binding. IN spiral binding a plastic wire is used, whereas in a wire-o-binding metal wire is used. If you are in search of a professional and formal look, then wire-o-binding would suit you better because the spiral binding is generally used for daily journals, reports, manuals, etc.  

Tape binding 

Tape binding – 

Here, a strip of tape is stuck to the spine of paper, which consists of the adhesive material and holds the stack of paper in place. This type of binding works great for less paper.


Other Requirements Considered Under Booklet Printing Include – 

Paper size – 

As far as it meets your needs, you could go from 120×120 to A3 paper size. 

Paper thickness –

Generally, the paper size used for booklet printing is 170 – 300 gsm. If you have more number of pages, then consider reducing the paper thickness. So it won’t appear overwhelming to the audience while reading.

Number of pages – 

It entirely depends on your choice. But the minimum number of pages that is usually seen is around eight pages, and the maximum can get around 700 pages. 

Font styling For Booklets – 

People generally prefer Garamond Font. You could also choose fancy fonts if it suits your business. But try to keep it subtle and simple. You’ll also want some space surrounding the write-up, so they don’t look cluttered up. You can try using different colors/fonts within each section too, if possible.

Point Set/ Font size  – 

The preferred font size for long passages/ main content range around 10-14 point size, whereas for headlines is around 18-28 point size.

Paper Finish – 

Once the paper thickness is finalized, we can proceed towards the finishing look of your booklet. Two options are available in this – either you can opt for a simple look or else for a coated paper. The coated paper could be of glossy or matte finish look. Generally, a glossy finish is preferred for the booklets as it gives a crisp and clear look. However, a coated paper can sound a bit expensive for you. You need to make a call on your booklet look based on the product and which one would best suit your brand image. 

How Booklets Are Used For Marketing, Advertising, and Sales?

In earlier days, booklets were used as a great marketing tool to grab the audience’s attention. You can use this by placing it on racks at stores where people shop or sharing them at conventions so people can take a look at them without wasting their time in the queue. 

It is a great channel to portray your vision and mission for the company. Points like – the history of the company, values, product descriptions, work culture, new product launch, and service provisions can be added. You can utilize booklets as a channel to state the unique points about your company and how you are different from your competitors.

From simple brochures or flyers to more elaborate literature, there are many ways in which these books can help you reach out to new customers and grow your business. If you’re looking for something new and creative in Booklet printing near College Station, Texas, give us a call today!