The new age businesses are rapidly expanding with the digital mode but still, we all have those business cards lying around our desks. You might call them Old school. However, they are the actual classy ones still maintaining their professionalism to the mark. Let’s find out how business cards make a difference to your professionalism. 

Tracing Back The Roots Of Business Cards

While things are shifting towards the digital world and handshakes are shifting to emojis. Business cards still find their way to your pockets. How come? Business cards are more than a piece of paper. It is the reputation of your brand and your ideology. We all have seen the polished and fancy business cards in card holders. But did you know the history of business cards dates back to the 15th century and finds its roots in China? You might be surprised. Well, at that time the name was different. It was called Visiting cards.

If you had someone’s visiting card, it meant you are a familiar person to that particular person. Later on, this visiting card was adopted by Europeans in the 17th century and turned into Calling cards and then Trade cards. At that period, signing on a Trade card was treated as a legal treaty and held a huge value amongst the traders. As we stepped into the 19th century, the cards had an entirely different definition. It was a self-promotion tool in the business world. The rapid boost in industrialization and liberty to print has amplified business card usage. The current version of the business card is the result of this evolution.

Do Business Cards Still Matter In The Virtual World?

Businesses might have shifted to the online mode still business cards are irreplaceable. Virtual communication might have turned into a casual thing in this generation. The business world would agree that business cards are more than a piece of paper. It exhibits a professional and dignified approach to your business. You might have noticed that all the business tycoons still prefer to use business cards to mark their identity and they correctly say, “First impression is the last impression”.

How Can You Make it Interesting?

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