What Is Digital Printing?

In earlier days, printing was a time consuming task. As we progress towards a digitalized age, this sector has witnessed a shift. Digital Printing is a process in which the pictures or content is transferred through PDF. Then this content is sent to the digital printing press to print onto your desired substrate.

All You Need To Know About Digital Printing

What Kind Of Materials Can Be Used?

Digital Printing broadens your printing substrate options. You can opt for Paper, Photo Paper, Card Paper, Fabrics, Synthetics, Board, Vinyl Banners, etc.

Types Of Digital Printing

There are three different types of digital printing used – On-demand printing, Variable Data Printing, and Web-to-print. The devices used for digital printing are inkjet printing, laser printing, and digital cylinder. 

  • Printing On-demand/ On-demand Printing: This type of printing is used when the quantity of printing is less and majorly used by E-Commerce entrepreneurs and for customizing products.
  • Variable Data Printing: As the name itself suggests for variability, this type of printing offers more customization. And this type of data customization is widely used in the marketing sector, printing cards, and various other purposes.
  • Web-to-print: This technique is employed when a message has to be communicated to a mass with customization. This technique works the best. This type of digital printing is used to draft emails with a print management program.

Where Digital Printing Is Used?

  • Apparels are designed using digital printing. Be it a minimum quantity or bulk order. There are zero restrictions on fabrics. And printing is easily achieved using CMYK colors. 
  • Vinyl banners used in advertising
  • Photo printing is done with glossy and matt finish
  • Business card & Letterhead printing
  • Prints used for interior designing 

Why Choose Digital Printing Over Other Methods?

  • Time saving
  • Utilizes bigger cartridges to design your whole print
  • Quick set up for printing
  • Photographs can be printed easily on your apparel using the Digital Printing technique.
  • Cost-effective

Digital printing is the new-age effective printing solution. Copy stop print is a one-stop-shop for all your Office stationary and Customization needs.